Let me work my editing magic on your home videos!

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I hope that you and your family are staying safe during this crisis. While we are all hunkered down, one thing that my family near and far have enjoyed is re-watching some of our home videos and looking over old photographs. I found this video that I created for my son's 1st birthday and watched it with my family (he turned 9 and 1/2 yesterday) and also emailed a link to relatives in Wisconsin, Ohio, California and those a mile away. Do you have videos you've shot on your cell-phone? Photographs that are living in the cloud that you haven't looked at in forever? Let me edit them into a beautiful treasure to share with your friends and family during this trying time!

In Memoriam 

Some of the hardest news I've personally heard is of friends and family who can no longer visit with their parents and grandparents or funerals being canceled due to the current restrictions. Let's create a beautiful video to help your friends and family celebrate a loved one.

Birthday/Newborn Slideshows

Here's another video I did for my daughter's 2nd birthday. This one incorporates photos as well as home videos. My sister sadly had to cancel her kindergartner's birthday party. Why not have all their friends send video messages that I can edit together into a presentation? 

Engagement | Wedding

This is a great time to go through old photographs to create a fun video to share with friends and family! Here's a slideshow I put together of my wife and I from when we began dating through our wedding!