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"Epic Adventure Wedding at Bold Rock Cidery: Matt and Elizabeth's Unforgettable Celebration!"

Join us in reliving the most extraordinary and thrilling wedding celebration at the stunning Bold Rock Cidery in Virginia! Matt and Elizabeth's love story is as unique as their adventurous spirits, and they chose to tie the knot at Bold Rock, a place close to their hearts where their journey began atop the iconic rock featured in the cidery's logo. The festivities kicked off with an exhilarating twist, as the groom, Matt, made a grand entrance to the ceremony in a helicopter, embodying their thirst for adventure. The excitement continued throughout the day, with mesmerizing fire dancers setting the reception ablaze, capturing the essence of the couple's vibrant spirit. But that's not all – Matt and Elizabeth made a grand arrival at the reception in a restored Mustang with its engine roaring and the tires sending up waves of smoke for all the guests to see. Another highlight of the evening came when it was time to cut the wedding cake. Departing from tradition, Elizabeth threw the cake into the air and Matt sliced the cake in half mid-air using a sword! The cheers and applause from their guests echoed the love and excitement shared by everyone present. This wedding was more than an event; it was a celebration of two souls united by a love that thrives on boldness and thrill. Join us in celebrating Matt and Elizabeth's love story and their unforgettable wedding day at Bold Rock Cidery. Don't miss out on the breathtaking moments, heartwarming vows, and the unforgettable surprises that made this wedding a true adventure to remember forever. 🚁🔥🏎️💍🎩


Photographer: Rob Jinks

Planner: Joanne: Events to Woo


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