Melissa + Mike

Chris – O.M.F.G.  Seriously, that is literally the only response I have!!!  J  Mike and I watched both the movie as well as the full footage on Saturday evening, and it was simply AMAZING.  Your artistry was stunning and you captured our special day so perfectly.  THANK YOU for giving us something to cherish.

View their film here

Chelsea + Matt

Wow Chris, the film is absolutely incredible! You truly captured all of emotions that took place on our wedding day. I couldn't have asked for a better video.  Thank you so so much!! I have already showed my family and friends and they are obsessed.

View their film here

Claire + Blake


Oh my word- you outdid yourself!!!!! It is all AWESOME. I haven't even watched it all but we have already said 1,000 times how good it is. Thank you thank you thank you! We have (and will continue to) recommend you to all our friends in Richmond! It was a pleasure to work with you. 

Thank you, again. You were one of our best vendors of the whole day! Thank you for your organization and great communication throughout this entire process! We really appreciate it all!



Jesse + Alee


We cannot begin to express how beautiful and magical your film of our wedding was! You did an amazing job capturing the most beautiful and powerful moments of the day! We could not have asked for a better job than what you did! Thank you so much for all your hard work and know that you have allowed us to relive our special day over and over again. 

Jesse & Alee

Peyton + Chad


Love Love Love the videos! Thank you so much! We will be cherishing these for many years to come. 

Thank you,



Christi + CJ

Hi Chris!
We've only watched the highlights so far and absolutely LOVE it!! Can't wait to see the rest, and you were so wonderful to work with!!!

Thank you so much again for capturing such special moments in our day!!

Christi and CJ


Andrea + Anthony


I didn't get a chance to watch the full video yet, but I took a sneak peak and watched the highlight! I just cried my eyes out!! You did such an amazing job- I can't thank you enough!! You captured so many tiny touches of the day that would have been lost forever. I can't tell you how thankful I am! I knew the video would be great because the ones you had online were all great, but this far exceeded my expectations! I can't wait to watch the full length!! Thank you again!! 


Elizabeth + Paul

Words cannot express how amazing this video is. You did an incredible job capturing the feeling of our day (and leaving out some harried moments of mine in the beginning). I will never be able to thank you- what a treat it was to see and hear our vows again tonight. I absolutely love it- thank you!!!



Leah + Craig

Hi Chris!

You did such an amazing job on our highlights, I cannot WAIT to sit down tonight and watch the full length video!

All we did this weekend was watch the highlight video on repeat…well, Craig watched it maybe the first 5 or 6 times, after that I was on my own;)

Your work is unmatched - truly stunning! We are beyond thrilled to have footage of what is unquestionably the most memorable day of our life together, and I know we will be watching it "on repeat" for years and years to come!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ruth + Boris


Shannon + Matt


I am floored by your talent and production, you are a true talent and I am overwhelmed (pun intended) with the video. Thank you for everything!!!!

Shannon & Matt

Christine + Peter

Hi Chris!

Thank you so much! This should eat up about the next week of my life! We love it and can't stop watching it! Hope all's well!

Thanks again!

Tracy + Ben

I cannot even put into words how beautiful the full wedding video is. You have honestly captured the day perfectly. I had no clue you were even capturing moments that were happening!! It is amazing to watch the video and be catapulted right back to that moment emotionally.

Thank you again.. I don't think we can enough.

Tracy & Ben

Elena + Michael

Hi Chris!

We finally had a chance to sit down and watch our whole video, and I wanted to email you right away-- it is so beautiful, and perfect, and really captures our memory of the day, and even moments we missed. We feel so grateful to have this beautiful, emotion-filled record of one of the most special days of our lives. We are so glad you were there. Thank you thank you thank you for this priceless gift!!
Elena and Michael

Anna + Craig


We just finished watching the wedding video for the first time (of what I assume will be many) and can not stop smiling.  We are amazed at how you captured the spirit of the day and almost felt as though we were there once again.  Fantastic, as we spent so much of that day "working".  I knew from the reviews I had read and your posted video highlights that the quality of the film, the music, the sound and the editing would be quality, however, I didn't realize until we watched it, just how special and beautiful our wedding video would be to us, all thanks to your efforts.

I can't wait to show it off.

Anna & Craig Goldstein

Jessica + Jonathan

Oh my God! We are in love with this video!!!! I spent the morning playing it on repeat. You did an absolutely fantastic job! Thank you so much for capturing our day in such a perfect way! You are awesome!
Thank you, 

Jess and John

Jennifer + Cory

Chris, I am writing because I love the video and you really captured some great footage I seriously  can’t thank you enough!!  It made me so so happy to watch that and made my whole day better.  I was so looking forward to the video as a cherished memory and you so delivered- love the song!  We were just so super stressed leading up to the wedding, scrambling to re-plan it all in NYC 2.5 months – wow-  I watch that and it’s like I am there – plus I get to relive it all in such a great way. Exhale!


Sheila + Tobin

Thanks so much, Chris!  You are the absolute BEST!!!  I can't stop watching the clip! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the highlight clip!  It totally brought back the excitement, tears of joy, laughter - all of the emotions of our wedding day.  You are AWESOME!!!

Thank you again so much for everything!

Sheila & Tobin

Michelle + Rodbert

Hi Chris

Thank you. The video is breathtaking. Thank you so much for capturing our day. Looking back at it brought tears to my eyes. That means everything to us.

Michelle & Rodbert.

Christine + Allen

........ (Speechless)

Chris, thank you so much! Amazing. Utterly amazing.

We love it. Thanks so much!

Allen and Christine!

Marcella + George

Holy smokes Chris!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!! I really can't say enough or find the words to best describe your magnificent-ness! I can't even thank you enough for how quickly you turned this around, I mean, incredible... And the product itself, what can you say??? You have such a beautiful talent that I will continue to rave about and tell people they are crazy if they don't use you!! Crazy!! Amazinggggggggggggggg!!! My family is going crazy, George and I are in heaven.... When I can speak more coherently I'll definitely have more to say :)

Tara + Gregg

From the second I met Chris 10 months before our wedding I knew I didn't have to look much further. His demeanor was calm, and professional. I signed a contract with him right away, and to this day know I made the BEST decision. The day of my wedding while Chris was running around outside with us, someone stole all of his cameras but the one in his hand. He was able to shoot my 250+ guest Ceremony, Cocktail hour, and wedding (8 hours) with just that one camera and the footage is beyond belief! Truly Amazing. He kept calm and professional even through such a stressful misfortune. His work is the epitome of excellence and we will never forget it! (Especially with the amazing videos we will cherish forever) Thank you Chris for documenting the most memorable day of our lives in such a perfect and amazing way. We will continue to refer you to our friends and hope to see you soon!

Jennifer + Michael

Hey Chris,

You, my friend, are f-ing awesome!!!


You've blown us away already....We seriously cannot wait to see the full length video.

A million thanks!

Sia + Michael

Hi Chris,

Michael and I LOVED the highlights!  We must have watched it at least 10 times on Saturday!
All of the shots are great.  We love how you incorporated my grandmother's picture, my little nephew, the best man speech/snapping, the church scenes, and the final shot of the video.  Thank you so much for doing such a great job on it - we can’t wait to show our families.


Colleen + Tom

We received our wedding video on Saturday and were so excited about how great it came out!!!  For a couple on the fence at first on whether we wanted one or not…. Truly converted :).  Thank you for making it special and very well done.

Caitlin + James
Chris is absolutely unbelievable! We can not stop saying how lucky we were to have such amazing people surrounding us the day of our wedding... this includes Chris! Our families, friends, and even those at our reception venue were so impressed with not only his efforts, but his incredibly positive spirit... despite the crazy October nor'easter going on outside! He truly captured the fabulous energy of the day... and all the love in the room. Believe me, you'd be lucky to have Chris at your wedding. We love you, Chris! Love, Caitlin + James

Kim + Ashby

Hi Chris,

Sitting in JFK airport (with Ashby :), watching, crying, laughing, smiling, remembering.

You just made our Christmas.

Thank you for sending this.

WOW. You are such a powerful storyteller. I love how the video runs the range of emotions and moments e.g. from tender to silly. It's the perfect balance. I also love how intimate the whole thing feels. Perfect song choice, too.

We're super impressed you were able to work with the ceremony footage and make the priest look good! We were wondering if that was even possible! We cannot wait to watch the raw footage of the entire ceremony.

Speaking of 'highlight,' working with you was a highlight for us and for our wedding day. You are a gem: truly talented and a delightful human being to know.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful, relaxing holiday and New Year.

Thank you again!
Kim & Ashby

Evy + Steve

Hey Chris - you did a phenomenal job...I think I've watched it about 5 times this week!  We really appreciate all of your attention to detail, and you were a pleasure to work with.  The songs also fit amazingly with the video and we could not be happier.  Thank you for helping to create this video that we will enjoy for the rest of our lives!

Have a great 2012 and thank you again!

Evy and Steve

Lisa + Andy


Thank you so much for capturing our wedding in such a magnificent and creative way. We will cherish what you've given us forever.

All the best,

Lisa & Andy


Caree + Trevor

Chris is wonderful! We were married on May 15th and he captured all the moments that we had missed during our day. He has a very unobtrusive documentary style. We had no idea he was there at all; he has a great creative eye and was able to document details that my husband and I really enjoyed.

Chris' editing is amazing - he cut perfectly to the music list we provided. Turnaround time is also very good - we provided music late to him (oops!) and he was able to edit in under a month. I highly recommend him to any bride looking for more than just photos to look back on in 20 years.